“Sarah, I don’t know how to express in words how grateful I am to you for taking me through your visualisation process. Firstly you empowered me to find my own solution to a blockage that I was experiencing in a project that I’m working on. I hadn’t been able to put into words what was going on, I couldn’t even figure out why I was blocked and yet through you taking me through the visualisation I was suddenly crystal clear about why and more importantly how I could break through it, I literally cried tears of joy when I realised that you had connected me with my solution. Secondly I am someone who finds it difficult to open up about personal matters, using visualisation you connected me to something so deeply personal that is on my mind, you encouraged me to create a beautiful space where I could find peace and reassurance, cue second round of tears, tears of release and love. As someone who often holds back their emotions I was surprised at how naturally they were able to connect with and make me feel whole. Thank you.”

Natasha McCreesh, Yorkshire, England
Business Consultant

“I was at a crossroads in my life after the end of a long term relationship and living away from home. I decided it was time to make some changes but did not know where to start. I choose life coaching and found it to be exceptionally practical, open and informative. For the first time ever, I was putting “me” under the spotlight which was a very enlightening and enjoyable experience.

Sarah assisted me in delving deep to determine what exactly I wanted for my life and what make me happier in the short and long term. All the sessions were tailored around what I wanted to achieve. Almost immediately I noticed a tremendous difference, a new perspective that although very obvious had never occurred to me in the past. I discovered that I found great joy in trying to help improve the lives of others. I also figured out what would bring me fulfillment in career terms in the long term.

I gained major benefit from the visualization exercises. They provided a mechanism to deal with certain situations such as difficult relationships and challenging work situations going forward.

Sarah not only made me evaluate my beliefs and values but provided me with a platform to face the future with new found confidence and courage to take life changing decisions. I am deeply thankful to her and would strongly recommend Sarah.”

Caroline, London
Credit analyst within corporate banking in a major European banking institution


“My time with Sarah has been extremely valuable and I’d wholeheartedly recommend her as a career and life coach. Her own experience in the corporate world reassured me that she truly understood the struggle and angst I was facing. After several years of feeling ‘stuck’ on the corporate conveyor with every door I turned to feeling firmly shut, Sarah listened to all my concerns, helped to identify my true core values and offered alternative approaches that I hadn’t yet considered. She has launched me on a course towards a truly fulfilling career”

Steven P, London
Commercial Manager, FTSE 100 Company

“I’ve had the opportunity to have coaching sessions with Sarah over a few months now, which have helped me develop significantly in several personal and professional areas, such as money spending, time management, dealing with others’ expectations or stress at work. Using open questions, association of ideas and an empathetic, subtle direction, she has helped me find a way to look at issues from a totally different perspective whenever I felt stuck at some point, and identify by myself a solution, which was much more comforting than if I had just been told about it. Sometimes the most obvious doors are just open in front of us but for some reason we just don’t want to look or see. Sarah knows how to tune you into the right mood and change your perspective so you can look at the right direction and finally find a way out by yourself. I highly recommend Sarah as a coach to develop both in personal and professional areas.”

Juanma, Barcelona, Spain
Product Marketing Manager, Software industry

“My objective for the coaching session with Sarah was to address a conflict I had with my boss. Through the techniques and questions that Sarah skilfully proposed, I realised that actually the real issue wasn’t the relationship with my boss, but the fact that I lost the passion for my current profession. This realisation also explained other situations and feelings that I am experiencing towards my job and colleagues. This feeling was sort of in the back of my mind, but I have never seen it so clearly. This leaves me with a lot of work to do in terms of career change, but gives me so much clarity and I feel I lifted a weight that I was unconsciously carrying.”

‘Christine’, London
Senior Account Director, Advertising industry

“I gained a great deal from speaking to Sarah. Sarah was an excellent sounding board who played everything back with astonishing accuracy and it was so good to feel I had an objective viewpoint coming back to me from someone who was not making any judgement and did not have preconceived ideas on the “right” or “wrong” thing for me to do. Agreeing on actions is also an excellent exercise which I can’t recommend enough, especially to those who may be feeling rather stuck in a rut. I’d highly recommend you spend some time with Sarah. It’s a wonderful investment.”

Lorna, London
Project Manager, formerly Energy industry, now in transition to working in Social Enterprise