I am an executive, leadership, and mindset coach based in London, with an international online coaching practice. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF; a Board Certified Coach (BCC) with a speciality designation in Executive / Corporate / Business / Leadership Coaching; and a CoachME Executive Coach (CMEC).  My background is in professional services, accountancy and the public sector, and includes over ten years as a management consultant at Deloitte, and financial management roles in local / central government and the National Health Service.  As a coach, I have worked with leaders in a range of industries including technology, financial services, consulting, media / advertising and the public sector. I am also a trained actress.

I have a creative, flexible and intuitive coaching style, using a wide range of techniques (including visualisation and mindfulness) to help clients build their leadership style and personal brand, make breakthrough shifts in their mindset and inner confidence, develop their self-awareness, and develop more effective and impactful decision making. I tailor my coaching approach to the needs of the individual, and believe that coaching is an amazing tool for living a fulfilled life and maximising your potential.

Typical themes that I work with clients on include leadership, personal branding, inner confidence, self-awareness, communication, prioritisation and time management, energy management, mindset, focus and beliefs, emotional regulation, and interactions with others. 

My coaching is experiential and transformational. My clients invest not only their money but also their time and energy to make things happen and to transform themselves from within.   The results can be literally life changing. I know this because I have gone through this journey myself, and am now privileged to have the opportunity to help others do the same.